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Lightweight 1 1/8" Aheadset

For Threadless Aheadsets headtubes or integrated headsets. Sealed replaceable angled catridge bearings. Our headset is unique in that the o-rings in the top cap centre it on the steerer tube, independent of downward force. This means you don’t have to top load the bearings to have your headset grip the steerer tube. That’s why conventional headset bearings feel tight and don’t adjust properly. The o-rings make the headset easier to install and adjust. The ultralight headset design features angular contact bearings, which support the side-to-side load, and the up and down load. It is a full compliment sealed ball bearings within the headset cups, which means minimal gaps between each ball. Compared to a needle bearing headset, this design rolls smoother. So smooth you swear its spread with butter. Compatible with mountainbike or roadbikes. 

Colour: Black only

Weight: 77g

Price: S$50


Aerozine Coloured CNC 1 1/8" Aheadset

For Threadless Aheadsets headtubes. Sealed replaceable angled catridge bearings.Compatible with mountainbike or roadbikes. Fully CNC for weight reduction with coloured top cap. Owning a lightweight, durable and affordable headset has become easier.

Click on image to show other colours.

Colour: Silver, Pink, Blue, Gold, Red.

Weight: 75g

Price: S$100