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We couldn't find a saddle that we liked, so we decided to design one ourselves. Made by Velo but with our input and specifications, it features a slightly wider body for additional sit bone support. The cover is also stitch-less to prevent any chaffing. The saddle is relatively flat on top with a relatively wide nose. Made of a Microtex cover for durability and a centre channel of nubuck to prevent slipping. Either carbon railed (150g) or titanium alloy railed (200g). Available in Black/ Red, White/ Red or White/black.

The saddle has actually been tested and sold for a year locally and we are finally confident on providing a saddle that is well suited to a wide range of riders.

Rail: Titanium Alloy or Carbon 

Body: Carbon injected with lightweight padding and microtex cover.

Dimension: 285mm x 140mm

Weight: 200g (titanium alloy rail), 150g (carbon rail)

Price: S$80 (titanium alloy rail), $150 (carbon rail)



Extra long saddle at 300mm for more fore + aft adjustment of saddle and seated position during climbing and time trialing. This is our most versatile saddle that can be used for triathlons, road cycling and even mountainbiking. Centre racing strip to prevent sliding during usage. There are cutout under the middle and seatbones with added elastomers for comfort.

Rail: Titanium alloy

Body: Carbon injected with cutout + elastomer

Weight: 240g

Price: S$90 (white), S$80 (black)



Designed for road and MTB usage and optimised for road bicycle geometry. Carbon injected base allows for additional flex and comfort. Titanium rails provide durability.

Dimension: 275mm x 132mm

Rail: Titanium alloy

Body: Carbon injected

Weight: 200g

Price: S$80



Designed with additional padding for MTB and Tri usage. A multi purpose and multi discipline saddle fo really long days in the saddle.

Dimension: 280mm x 135mm

Rail: Chromo

Body: Carbon injected with additional padding at nose

Weight: 265g

Price: S$55