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Vittoria Corsa EVO CX and Open Corsa CX

Corsa CX has proved successful in road races all over the world, but the new EVO version is bound to even greater success.

With a “handmade” tubular structure for superior performance and comfort, it has also got a special latex inner tube that increases its elasticity and puncture resistance. Further features are the Kevlar® SiO2 3D Compound with added silica - for reduced rolling resistance and better grip in the wet Our new high density casing - a true 320 tpi - delivers unbeatable comfort and superior performance with inflation pressure of up to 200psi!
New PRB 2.0 puncture resistant belting placed underneath the tread increases the flat prevention properties of the Corsa Evo CX up to 40%, even while reducing the weight. The new Corsa Evo CX is tougher and faster than ever before.

Weight: 270g

TPI: 320

Width/ Colour : 23mm, Black

Price: S$120 (Corsa Evo CX)/ S$100 (Open Corsa CX)


Maxxis Cormet One70

Stepping it up a notch-and-a-half, Maxxis introduces the Cormet with ONE70 Technology. ONE70 utilizes special high thread count fabric in the casing,reducing rolling resistance even further than our other racing tires. ONE70 Technology also provides better road feel and weight savings over other racing tires. From the most aggressive crit to the most epic climb, the new Maxxis Cormet with ONE70 technology is destined for racing greatness. 

Weight: 215g

TPI: 170

Width/ Colour : 23mm, Black

Price: S$50



Xenith Hors Categorie

The Hors Categorie is a professional-level road racing tire with a 120 TPI casing. The Hors Categorie offers two different rubber hardnesses to optimize your ride. The harder 62a center has ultra-low rolling resistance and wears slowly, while the softer 57a side offers incredible grip in tight corners. The casing is nylon with a 2-ply breaker for strength and durability.

"After 9 years of racing on tubulars, I wasn't looking forward to putting clinchers on my race bike. When I put 130psi in my Maxxis Hors Categorie tires, I couldn't tell the difference except in my wallet."
-Luke Stockwell, Jittery Joe's/Choco-Andean Eco-Coffee Pro Cycling Team 

  • High Performance Dual Compound Road Racing Tire
  • 57a outer/62a inner durometer
  • 62a inner compound provides long wear and low rolling resistance
  • 57a outer compound provides cornering grip
  • Slick Road tread provides superior traction in all road racing conditions
  • 2-ply nylon breaker for increased puncture resistance

Weight: 210g

TPI: 120

Width/ Colour : 22mm, Black

Price: S$40


Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick

All new Rubino Pro features available with a slick tread pattern, these are by far the best value for money road tyres in the market. Featuring a 120tpi casing at such an affordable price. The performance of these tyres is undeniable. Featuring a subtle centre band for lower rolling resistance and textured side patterns for extra grip during cornering. The penultimate value tyre for racing and training.

- Nylon 120 TPI casing, market-standard for high performance;
- new 'Kevlar Endura 3D Compound', with high duration and exciting road-behaviour;
- PRB puncture protection.

Weight: 220g

TPI: 120

Width/ Colour : 23mm, Black

Price: S$45


Vittoria Rubino Pro 2

Our flagship model when it comes to high-mileage (torture-tested in extreme events like RAAM, Race Across America!) is back, completely renewed!
- Nylon 120 TPI casing, market-standard for high performance;
- new 'Kevlar Endura 3D Compound', with high duration and exciting road-behaviour;
- PRB puncture protection;
- updated tread pattern, with "dot C.O.M. Vector" design.

Now offered at a 20mm width with side thread pattern for extra grip during cornering.

Weight: 210g

TPI: 120

Width/ Colour : 20mm, Black

Price: S$45



18-25 butyl innertube for road tyres. 60mm long valve for mid V rims.

Price: S$7/pc (60mm), S$5/pc (50mm)




50mm valve extenders for deep section wheelsets.

Price: S$10