SOUL Bikes

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We believe that the frame forms the SOUL of all bicycles. Nothing rides faster, more comfortable and longer than a perfectly fitted frame. We design all the frames that we offer, from the way it fits you, to the colour of the stickers. Here is a list of frames that we have designed. New for 2009 are our aluminium framesets which are designed from scratch featuring our extensive experience in geometry and tube profile selection:

Aluminium Frames

  1. Truth- 6061 Double Butted Aero tubing road frame
  2. Faith- 7005 Double Butted Lightweight BB30 road frame
Titanium Frames
  1. Corpus- Straight Gauge 3/2.5 road frame
  2. Corpus SL- Double Butted 3/2.5 lightweight road frame
  3. Destiny-Triple Butted 6/4 enhanced stiffness road frame
  4. Fenix- Double Butted 3/2.5 aero Time trial/ triathlon frame
  5. Deliverance- Double Butted 3/2.5 XC Mountain bike frame

There are a variety of frames for all disciplines; mtb, road, tri in varies standard and custom sizes . This year, we have progressively increased our size offerings and started to venture into aluminium framesets.This progression may appear counter- intuitive but we feel that aluminium tubesets still offer the best value for money for a lightweight and stiff race ready frame.

Most of our titanium frames are made from cold worked, stress-relieved 3A/2.5V seamless tubings and have a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing and material. The Destiny is made with 6A/4V diamond shaped, double-butted downtubes. It is the first bicycle frame made with 6A/4V in Asia and designed by us.