SOUL Bikes

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Bicycle components have been in the background of our business since the start. That is something of the past  as we are glad to introduce the following new items that we have developed. At SOUL bikes, if we can't find something we like, we design it!

  1. We could not find suitable aluminium handlebars, stems and seatposts that were both light, affordable and durable so we decided to get some made by one of the best aluminium component makers in Taiwan. We now have a range of SOUL ALUMINIUM COMPONENTS comprising a lightweight oversized compact semi-traditional handlebar (220g), a lightweight aluminium oversized stem (110g) and a lightweight aluminium setback seatpost (220g).
  2. We have been testing and selling Velo saddles since we started but were always unhappy with the graphics and aesthetic styling, so we decided to design our own! The shape is very similar to the classic SI Flite but comes with a carbon base and rail to achieve an extremely light and comfortable saddle called the SOUL Union
  3. Evolving from our succesful launch of the SOUL SL and Pro groupset which had microshift shifters/ derailleurs and a mix of taiwanese made components, we are now also packaging a new SOUL SL groupset with SRAM Rival and Red. It is truly one of the most cost effective groupset in terms of price/ weight ratio.The groupsets also feature our very own aluminium crankset which can match the stiffest cranks produced by other brands.
  4. After months of testing and deliberating, we have finally decided to release our new dual pivot brakes which are only 255g. Featuring the stopping power of dual pivots at a very competitive price and weight the SOUL Frixtion is one of the lightest truly dual pivot brakes in the world.

We are extremely particular about what we stock, so we only sell what we ride which is why it took so long for us to actually release the new products although they have already been sold locally.

Note: If you are calculating the cost of a complete bike, please note that with a SOUL Frame, you are entitled to a 10% on the components selected from our stock provided it is for a complete bike (except groupsets and wheelsets).