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Front Wheel                                                                                       Rear Wheel
Rear Hub                                                                                              Front Hub

 Red Hub + Red Spokes
Front Red Spokes + Red Hub                                                         Rear Red Spokes + Red hub
 Regular hubs                                                                             Red hubs (upcharged) 





Rim Width: 20mm

Rim Height: 25mm

Spokes: 5mm x 1mm Bladed

Lacing: Radial

Bearing: Japanese sealed bearing

Nipples: Alloy

Weight: 700g



Rim Width: 20mm

Rim Height: 25mm

Spokes: 5mm x 1mm Bladed

Lacing: 2x drive/ radial non-drive

Bearing: Japanese sealed bearing

Nipples: Brass driveside, Alloy non-drive

Weight: 890g

The recurring questions we get are for wheelsets that can support larger riders, and a wheelset that would be suited for crit racing and training as most of the racing done by our customers are crits and not many customers are willing to have more than 1 wheelset. Through our own personal experience with our S2.0s together with feedback from our sponsored athletes, we have designed a wheelset that is stiff enough for larger cyclist and can be used for heavy training and racing.

The S2.0 Max is unlike our other wheelsets. It is purpose built to be exceptionally stiff for cornering stability as well as sprinting reliability, in fact it is the first wheelset we have designed that has a specific purpose. The 5mm wide spokes are the widest available steel spoke and one of the stiffest spokes ever made. In fact it surpasses the fatigue life of our other steel spokes by at least 2 times. The ends are also 2.3mm as opposed to 2mm thus increasing the spoke life.

We kept the spoke count to 20/24 although it could easily be built at 16/20. The total weight of 1590g/pair is still extremely respectable for a pair of training wheels and the spoke count only reinforce the durability and stiffness of the wheels. In fact at 20/24, it has the same amount of material for the spokes as a 40/48H traditional round spoked wheel.

The SOUL S-series SP hubs feature a smoother freewheel design with 6 simultaneously engaging pawls and 2 sealed bearings front and 4 sealed bearings rear. We increased the number of pawls to increase engagement speed which is essential for crit racing and sprinting. Spinup is kept quick because of the lightweight S2.0 rims which reduce rotational weight.

The S2.0Max is also available with an option for white rims, red hubs or/ and red spokes.

Fully artisan crafted and handbuilt with equal spoke tensions. Spoke threads are preped before assembly to prevent spoke binding and seizing. All spokes are stress relieved a few times during build process.

  • Rim: N'litened Alloy rims. Machined braking surface with wear indicator.

  • Bearings: Japanese High Grade Stainless Steel sealed bearings.

  • Hubs: SOUL S-series SP, 2 sealed bearings front + 4 sealed bearings rear. Campagnolo and Shimano cassette compatible available.

  • Spokes: Double Butted and bladed 5.0 x 1.0mm stainless steel spokes. 20 radial laced Front + 24 2 x cross driveside, radial non-driveside Rear.

  • Nipples: Brass, Aluminium (Black)

  • Weight: 700g (Front) 890g (Rear), 1.590kg pair ( weight without skewers)

  • Weight Limit: 120kg/ 265lbs


S2.0 Max:

Total Price without Shipping: S$600/ USD460/ pair

Total Price with Shipping to USA/ UK/ Europe/ Canada (2 weeks): USD530/ pair

Total Price with Shipping to AUS/ Asia (1 1/2 weeks):  USD510/ pair



Additional price for white rims: S$30/USD25

Additional price for red hubs: S$30/USD25

Additional price for red spokes: S$30/USD25

Additional price for coloured nipples: S$30/USD25