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The new standard in high performance aluminium hub design has just been updated with the release of our Prodigy V3 hubs.

Designed for road bicycles and weighing a mere 288g/ pair. Featuring a 6-pawl simultaneously engaging oversized pawl freehub. They are fully sealed for durability and feature an oversized lightweight alloy axle for maximum stiffness and power transfer. Although there is a slight increase in the weight compared to our V2 hubs, the enhancements in the design and additional features contribute to a mroe durable and better performing hub.

The new features we wanted to focus on for our Prodigy hubs were to maximise the stiffness of our wheels and increase the speed of engagement of the freehub.

The front hub is made of a 7000 series aluminium to increase the hardness and durability of the hub. The flange thickness is also increased to 3.5mm and is suitable for low spoke count, high tension radial spoking. It features 2 #6900 bearings and a 12mm diameter internal axle unlike other lightweight hubs currently available which have much smaller bearings and thinner flanges. The bigger bearings contribute to a smoother rolling hub and increased bearing life. The bearings are also placed further outboard again to increase the stiffness and bearing life. The flange spacing is increased to also improve the bracing angle of the spokes thus increasing the lateral stiffness of the built wheel. The flanges are chamfered to also allow for spoke head in lacing.

The rear hub is designed with an oversized #6900 bearing and again features extremely wide bearing and flange spacings. An increased internal axle of 17.2mm diameter together with the pairing of bearings between the freehub and hubshell allows for a more uniform distribution of torque. For V3, we are using 6 pawls where they operate as 2 sets of 3 simultaneously engaging pawls to increase engagement speed. As 3 pawls are disengaging the other 3 are immediately ready to engage.The bracing angle especially on the NDS is possibly one of the widest available in the market at the moment. It is the widest spacing allowed without having to do a 2:1 lacing pattern and still have sufficient tension for the NDS spokes.

The hubset is designed with the idea of only using 1 spoke length which will help in the ordering/ inventory of spokes and having an interchangeable shimano/ sram/ campagnolo freehub without requiring additional dishing. Some will argue  that this compromises the design, but based on our experience, these considerations are equally important in the design of hubsets.

  • Front hub: Flange width 78.5mm. Flange circle dia. 31mm (C-C)
  • Rear hub: Centre to L Flange 48mm. Centre to R Flange 17.5mm. L Flange circle dia. 39.5mm. R Flange circle dia. 59mm.(C-C)
  • Bearings: Japanese High Grade Stainless Steel sealed bearings. 2 sealed bearings front (#6900) + 4 sealed bearings rear. (3 x #6802 + 1 x #6902) Campagnolo and Shimano cassette compatible available without dishing. Hybid ceramic bearings available upon request.

  • Holes: 20H Front, 24H Rear. Keyhole to allow max 3,2mm width spoke.

  • Colours: Polished Silver, Black, Red or Blue anodised hub body with silver, black, red, blue or gold anodised end caps. Custom colours available upon request.

  • Skewers: 90g Lightweight Hollow Chromoly Axle (colours to match hubsets)

  • Weight: 75g (Front) 208g (Rear), 283g pair ( weight without skewers)

  • Material: 7005 series aluminium T6 front and 6061 series aluminium T6 rear

Price: S$300/ USD230/ pair

Shipping: USD25