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S3.0 with Red spokes and hubs

S4.0 with Blue nipples and white decal

S4.0 with grey decals (currently N/A)


S4.0 with Red nipples


S4.0 with white rim and blue nipples


C5.0 with Red nipples

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So, you like our wheelsets, but maybe the colours don't match? Or you are a bigger guy and want something more durable? Or is it the other way around and you want the lightest possible wheelset that we can build? Here are a list of things that we can do to truly customise your wheelset.

Each wheelset model that we have can be broken down into a Xpert and SL series. Here are the main differences:



  • 3.2mm x 1mm  Bladed spokes 
  • Increased weight of approximately 120-150g.
  • Increased stiffness due to increased cross-sectional profile.
  • Traditionally our S3.0 are sold as an Xpert.
  • 2.3mm x 1mm Bladed spokes
  • Reduced weight of approximately 120-150g
  • Traditionally our S2.0, S4.0 and all C-series wheelsets are sold as SL.


  • Different coloured endcaps- Blue/ Gold/ Pink- S$30/ USD20
  • Different coloured full alloy nipples- Black/ Red/ Blue/ Gold/ Pink/ Silver- S$30/ USD20
  • Different coloured spokes- Red (Only available for S2.0 and S3.0s. Only available in 3.2mm x 1mm)- S$30/ USD20
  • Different coloured hubs- Available in Red only at the moment- S$30/USD20
  • All White Decal set- FREE


  • Although we personally feel that our high grade Japanese steel bearings roll amazingly smooth, we offer the hybrid ceramic bearings if customers have such a preferance. The hybrid ceramic bearings do roll remarkably well in the stand after breaking in and weight 10-15g less (per wheelset)- S$150/USD100

Let me know what you require and we can further discuss how we can customise your next wheelset for you.