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The trinity is our first foray into selling lightweight carbon fiber racing frames. You may have seen these as Liberty Trinity carbon frames in the last year. We have actually been using and tweaking the same frame for 2 years now, but under a different brand. Unlike our other frames, we did not design these frames, which was why we were hesitant to have our brand on the frames in the past and sold them under a different brand. However things started to change this year when we had very positive feedback from those who owned and raced the Liberty Trinity. Hence we decided to repackage the frame with a new paint scheme as our Trinity.This year we have also worked with the manufacturer to develop a new carbon layup schedule to yield a stiffer frame without increasing the weight. 

The frame only weights a meager 900g and the fork 350g (uncut). That is not to say that we have sacrificed anything in the form of stiffness. The trinity is a blend of stiffness as well as comfort. Something that we really appreciate with our titainium frames as well.  The frame is finished with a 3K carbon weave and the frame is painted in a white/ red scheme. The Downtube flares towards the BB to create a really stiff bottom bracket platform, and the TT is ovalised such that it connects to the seatstays to allow for less vibration transfering towards the seat and also increases the stiffness of the front end during sprints.The chainstay is insanely huge for a really snappy step/ go response.

This is a pure racing frame, sure a titanium frame can be customised, is possibly more comfortable and durable but the Trinity is indeed the only way to produce a sub 1kg frame that is still and durable at a reasonable price.

  • Material: 3K Aerospace Grade carbon fiber, built with a monocoque construction. 

  • Finish: Painted

  • Geometry: Semi-sloping

  • Seatstay: Curved monostay

  • Dropout: Replaceable alloy

  • Headset: 1 1/8" intergrated headset

  • Seattube: 31.8mm for 27.2mm seatpost.

Price: S$1800.00/USD1200 (Frameset- Frame/ Fork/ Headset)