SOUL Bikes

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Who is SOUL Bikes

SOUL bikes was created in 2004 by Sean Wai. A trained architect and avid cyclist. Being a perfectionist in both function and aesthetics, he formed SOUL bikes with the intention of designing lightweight, durable and stiff wheelsets, frames and components at a pricepoint affordable to most. Till today, all wheelsets are still hand checked and finished by him to ensure that quality is not sacrificed.  

What is SOUL Bikes

SOUL bikes was born from a need for custom titanium frames and high end wheelsets that were cost effective and affordable.

We started by offering  titanium frames and custom sizing services. We also offered high end road wheelsets for training and racing.  We have since moved on to be the first company in Asia to have designed a 6a/4v grade titanium frame. Our wheelsets are also constantly being tweaked and improved to the point where we have developed our very own hubs and produced our first full carbon clincher deep section wheelsets with our SOUL hubs. We offer one of the lightest production clincher wheelsets in the S2.0SL and also have one of the deepest aluminium clincher wheelsets in the S4.0. 

On our website you will find affordable lightweight wheelsets with durability, stiffness and lightness designed in mind. You will also find a careful attention to detail in the design of our frames and components.

Some of our designs have been featured in magazines. Online communities have given us great feedback for the quality of our products. Our bikes are riden and raced at very high level competitions, from Tours in Thailand, to even the Etape in France.

However, we don't just design, we ride and race our own frames, wheels and components. It forms part of our product testing procedures. We have rejected alot of products, some even of our own design. We feel that the refinement of our frames, wheelsets and components are the core of our products and what sets us apart from others.

We believe that the SOUL of a bicycle is indeed in its design.